Saint Ange Tourism Report: Reunion Welcomes MSC Musica & Costa Victoria With 7000 Passengers

The Editorial this week highlights:- a. This year is not set to be an easy one for Seychelles. b. Kathy Mason and Joe Albert are both successful tourism industry players. c. our Blue Economy. d. Seychelles is blessed with natural beauty. e. Le Ponant Cruise Ship moment also has a post. f. This call as Sea Level Rise is seen as troubling. g. Seychelles at the 5th International Young Chef Olympiad 2019. h. Air Seychelles in day to day discussions. Stand alone articles this week:- 1. "Why Seychelles should be on the 2019 travel list" Alain St.Ange said. 2. Kathy Mason, Founder of Mason’s Travel Seychelles reviewed by La Tribune. 3. ‘I am not a genius in anything but I am a hard worker and a born optimist’ says Joseph Albert, the Seychelles tourism personality. 4. Wearing the Kilt at the Club Liberté Casino! in Seychelles. 5. Dubai kicks off cruise tourism season welcoming 5 giant vessels - for Seychelles understanding Cruise Ship Business is essential. 6. REUNION WELCOMES MSC MUSICA & COSTA VICTORIA WITH 7000 PASSENGERS. 7. The Best Islands in the World: 2018 Readers' Choice Awards by Conde Nast Traveler. 8. Forecast: Trends and Opportunities that will Shape Africa’s Travel and Tourism in 2019. 9. Incident at Entebbe International Airport - everyone is safe. 10.Tourists give Watamu thumbs up as best holiday destination.11. African Sports Tourism Week. 12. African Union (AU) to reveal details on production and issuance of the African passport. 13. Frequency of bleaching alarms scientists. 14. Record $3.1 million paid in New Year's tuna auction at Japan's new market. 15. Seychelles to ban importation of plastic straws in February; complete ban to follow .

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