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LIVES is connecting dots between people, African cities, cultures.

As global citizen, How often do we allow prejudices to be borders between ourselves and other cultures? As African, How often do we miss opportunities to embrace our own diversity by letting the lack of information & visual content be an obstacle?

For the ones that want to travel, and don’t where to go how can we make our destinations unique and attractive for them?

That’s where Lives comes to play, mobile app curating the best of what each African cities has to offer. Where to surf? Where to stay? What to buy? Who has the best food ? Want to learn how to make a typical dish? Immerse yourself into the vibrant local music scene?

We got you! Get the inside word of locals and in-the-know people to help you plan, organize and book experiences. Be a traveller, not a tourist! We’re basically putting Africa in your palms so you’ll know it like the back of your hand! Why this idea will work, because it’s already working, our brand and traction on social media is strong and organic and to turn those interactions into profitable projects we made some valuable partnerships.

To give the people that itch to travel Africa, we got the best top notch team and our Go -to- Market strategy is simple but efficient: Create visually appealing content, spread it on our social media platforms, build strong partnerships with key players, free access & download of our mobile application on Apple & Google play store.

What we need is introduction to potential partners travel tech companies, flight companies and hotels to turn whom can be our competitors into collaborators and an investor to scale our activity on the continent and beyond. The momentum is here! Become a LIVES Insider.

Company profile
Headquarter: Senegal
www.instagram.com/dakarlives /
www.lives.africa (in re-construction)
Industry: | Travel | Other | Tourism
| Education | Social Media | Culture
| Leisure | Hospitality |
Business model
For profit
Olivia, co-founder & Project
Manager of Lives is a marketing
strategist, Mamy Tall, is the cofounder
and our CCO (Creative
Chief Officer), Yacine & Abdoulaye
are both programmers, developing
the LIVES mobile app

Represented by Codou Olivia Ndiaye, Co-founder & Project Manager


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