Over 20 Airlines Confirms participation at #AviaDev2019

Over twenty international airlines have confirmed their participation at this year’s AViaDev Africa conference in Cape Town.

This includes Africa World Airlines, Air Namibia, Ethiopian Airlines, Cem Air,South African Airways, Taag, Air Zimbabwe, Air Botswana, emerald airlines, Fly Safair, Kenya Airways, RwandAir, Malawi Airlines, Africana, Airlink, Jet Afrique, Jet Air, SA Express, SAGA, Comair Limited, Jet West,

The momentum even went a notch higher when Ethiopian Airlines Aviation academy confirmed the their participation at the training sessions and also as the official carrier/supporter of Africa’s
flagship aviation event.

Now entering its fourth year, AviaDev Africa is the premier forum dedicated to growing connectivity to, from and within the African continent.

Bringing together airports, airlines, tourism authorities, governments and industry suppliers, AviaDev offers attendees the ability to pre-arrange meetings in professional surroundings, offering the best chance to make a real connection.

The event is scheduled for 24-26 April in Cape Town, South Africa.

Visit the official website www.aviationdevelop.com/africa for more details.

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