Sekgororoane reappointed Botswana Tourism CEO

Botswana Tourism Organisation’s (BTO) founding Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Myra Sekgororoane has been reappointed to her former post.

Press release from the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Thato Raphaka made the announcement on sunday 10th February 2019.

“Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism would like to inform the public and stakeholders that Ms Myra Sekgororoane has been appointed Chief Executive Officer for the Botswana Tourism Organisation,” read the statement.

Sekgororoane is a tourism industry veteran who rebranded the then Botswana Tourism Board (BTB) and left in 2013.

“Ms Sekgororoane is expected to steer the organization as it re-configures and strategises to become more focused on its mandate which is to market and promote Botswana as tourist destination of choice, promote investment in the tourism sector, as well as to grade and classify tourism facilities,” said the statement.

Source: Mmegionline

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