UNWTO partners Google on High-Level Dialogue on Digital Skills in Tourism at ITB Berlin

In recent years, digitalization has drastically transformed the tourism sector, revolutionizing the way we travel and along with it nearly every aspect of business operations. The increased use of social media, big data, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics provide powerful tools for improving the quality of the sector through greater accuracy, strategic insight and better engagement with the traveler.

Yet, they also pose a challenge to organizations which are forced to rapidly adapt to an ever-changing digital landscape to remain competitive, in addition to cope with the new challenges brought by cyber-security and data protection. Against this backdrop, governments and national tourism organisations play a critical role in ensuring that tourism employees are well-equipped to fully grasp the many opportunities that digital transformation can offer to build a more advanced and sustainable sector.

Organized in the framework of the “UNWTO 2019 year: Education, Skills Development and Jobs,” in collaboration with Google, the High-Level Dialogue on Digital Skills in Tourism will bring together high-level representatives from across the European region to discuss the importance of digital education and promote the exchange of initiatives and policies that contribute to building digital capacity in tourism.

Date: 7 March 2019
Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Venue: Berlin 1, Hall 7.3a, ITB

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