Seventh edition of VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine out with exciting new features


The seventh installment of the VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine (VAMag7) is out with a host of exciting new additions. The latest edition follows the previous trend of compiling happenings within African travel and tourism space from all over the continent and beyond.

However, as a new introduction articles and stories in the latest publication have been grouped under various headings to make it easier for the reader to browse through. They include: Editorial, Aviation News, UNWTO Files, Travel Tech, Hospitality News, Travel and Visa Facilitation, Destination News, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism and Personality Profile.

Sherin Francis- CEO of Seychelles Tourism Board

Editorial for the sixth edition looks at how African destinations can develop crisis communications strategies in a world where disasters and unfortunate events are bound to happen anytime.
Kenya Airways’ historic flight to the US, Ethiopian Airlines securing 49% in Ghana home-based carrier, Air Senegal first A330neo, among other stories make it under the aviation news section.
The world tourism body’s partnership with Seychelles to strengthen tourism statistical system, Mali’s selection to host the 62nd CAF Meeting, Spanish Government reaffirming its commitment to the UNWTO and many other stories are captured here.
Travel Tech
Stories from the first Tourism Tech Adventures where five African start-ups were given the opportunity to present their works at this year’s INVESTOUR in Madrid, Spain are featured under this column.

Hospitality News
From the inauguration of the Bole Airport Terminal Expansion and the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel to AC Marriott Debuting in Cape Town, Cape May Properties unveiling its signature apartments in Ghana and Ruparellia Group plans to introduce a $100m beach resort project Entebbe, and a lot more, the hospitality news section is rife with the juiciest of information about the industry.
Travel and Visa Facilitation
Here, readers can read excerpts from the 2018 Africa Visa Openness Report which indicates how African countries are becoming more open to each other, Kenya and Mozambique scrapping entry visas for both countries and other stories.

Destination News
Destination News focuses on activities from individual countries on the continent. Here, there is a collection of stories from Botswana, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia Tanzania, Kenya, Comoros, Namibia, Rwanda, Ghana, Seychelles Sierra Leone Congo Brazzaville, Zimbabwe and many others.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism
Under this section, experienced and highly respected sustainable tourism advocate, Judy Kepher-Gona shares her views on integrating SMEs in tourism to create diverse and authentic guest experiences while giving destinations unique identities.

Personality Profile
Here, the magazine put the spot line on the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Mrs. Sherin Francis, and her task of driving the island into a world tourism paradise.
In addition to the above, the 64-page full colour VAMag 7 features stories from this year’s INVESTOUR and Africa’s participation at last World Travel Market in London with an impressive collage of photos to match. Some of the biggest tourism and travel trade are also contained in the latest publication.
An E-version of the magazine is available online at

By: Samuel Obeng Appah


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