Samson resigns as acting Air Namibia CEO

Air Namibia today announced that acting executive head, advocate Mandi Samson tendered her resignation to pursue other opportunities, with effect 15 March 2019.

The national airline said in a media statement that the process to recruit a substantive chief executive officer (CEO) for Air Namibia has commenced and the board is tackling this task as one of their critical priorities in the short-term.

The board has decided to appoint an interim CEO until a substantive CEO has been appointed.
“The process to identify this interim individual has commenced and we will announce this appointment as soon as the necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained,” read the statement.

“This is the dawn of a new era for Namibia and its national carrier. We as a team have agreed that Air Namibia needs to restore its rightful position as a reliable, trusted and loved company in the Namibian economy and we are committed to contributing towards a sustainable and positive direction for the business, that yields tangible results over time,” said board chairman, advocate Dee Sauls-Deckenbrock.

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