WTFL’s Start-Up Innovation Camp 2019 – 15 finalists selected


The international jury of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne has chosen 15 finalists for the 4th Start-Up Innovation Camp in Lucerne, Switzerland from 1 to 2 May 2019.

The finalists come from the Hospitality, Mobility, Destination, Transaction and Impact categories. The Start-Up Innovation Camp will be held prior to the 6th World Tourism Forum Lucerne (2–3 May 2019), when the five winners of the competition will be presented on the Forum’s main stage.

“Innovation is a major force for growth and development, ensuring competitiveness and providing the ingredients for lasting success in the travel tourism and hospitality industry. With the Start-Up Innovation Camp, World Tourism Forum Lucerne is seeking for the most innovative business models from around the world to capture this potential”, says Martin Barth, President & CEO of the World Tourism Forum.

Selected by the jury, young entrepreneurs are invited to attend a full-day workshop in order to grow in their roles as business leaders and to receive valuable advice from experienced coaching experts. The start-ups presentations in forms of elevator pitches are open to public and free of charge. “This provides a great opportunity to establish international contacts within a high-ranking audience and to push innovation to the next level. We are excited about the boldness of the entrepreneurs and we are looking forward to help them grow their business and social impact”, Jasper Mutsaerts, Chairman of the Start-Up Innovation Camps, explains.

Online network and weekly camp in Lucerne
The aim of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne is to connect start-ups with the tourism, travel and hospitality industry – online and offline. This means that creative and innovative start-up companies will find contacts to industry experts and investors via a specially developed online platform. Martin Barth, President & CEO: «With a structured database, start-ups in the Hospitality, Mobility, Travel and now Health categories are regularly searched for». From 2021, a camp is planned to take place in Lucerne for one week.

The start-up finalists

Category Destination
Adventoro (Malaysia) is the largest e-commerce platform (supply) in Southeast Asia that connects adventure tour operators with adventure seekers worldwide.

EuroPass (France) implements digital solutions allowing non-Chinese organization to reach, attract and convert Chinese FIT. Meanwhile, EuroPass solutions facilitate, secure and embellish Chinese tourists travel outside China.

Trip Boutique (Switzerland) is your personal travel advisor: save hours of internet
research and experience the best of a destination with fully tailor-made travel plans.

Category Hospitality
Cohosting (Spain) is a Hospitality SAAS end to end tech solution for hotels to offer extra services. It digitalizes and automatizes the reservations process of tours and service such as luggage storage, transfers or tours.

Prognolit (Switzerland) helps restaurants to improve staff planning and reduce food waste by telling them the demand for any day in the future.

The Bar Corner (France) is mobile application allowing you to find a bar based on your profile and your mood. We also provide brands with digital tools to retain and know their customers into the away-from-home market.

Category Impact
ImpactExplorer (United Kingdom) is a sustainable tourism platform that creates impact by connecting independent travellers with local communities and ecotourism initiatives.

KITRO (Switzerland) is the first fully automated food waste management solution for commercial kitchens. We measure and they save, because what gets measured gets done.

Local Alike (Thailand) is an experience booking platform that introducing authentic sustainable tourism products in Asia and South East Asia to the traveller.

Category Mobility
Cocoche (Argentina) is a peer to peer car rental platform. It’s a marketplace for car owners and those looking to enter into a lease agreement.

EuroTube (Switzerland) is a non-profit research organisation developing technologies and building test infrastructure for sustainable vacuum transportation.

Katla Aero (Sweden) develops electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for safer, more cost-effective and sustainable transportation of people and goods.

Category Transaction
RoomPriceGenie (Switzerland) makes dynamic pricing possible for smaller hotels.

Safety Tax Free (Germany) is a fintech service provider for digital and smart tax free services, mobile payment and marketing in European tourism and retail sectors.

Trip Loop (United States) is an integrated mobile app and desktop that allows multi day group tour operators to provide optimal real time communication that works with and without the need of internet.

About World Tourism Forum Lucerne
The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is a unique platform where global leaders in tourism, travel and hospitality meet to shape a more sustainable future of tourism. It provides decision-makers with detailed insights into the key issues of the tourism industry and with a unique global network. The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the only platform to integrate start-ups, young leaders and students into one programme. Over the past ten years, it has evolved into a year-round network of leaders and leading thinkers who stimulate positive change in travel, tourism and hospitality. This includes an influential network of business, education, government, finance and community leaders. The 6th WorldTourism Forum Lucerne will take place in Lucerne from 1 to 3 May 2019.


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