Daily Flight to Seychelles offer convenient connectivity- Ethiopian Airlines

Africa’s biggest airline Group, Ethiopian Airlines is flying daily to the Mahe, Seychelles. This was since December 2016 when it scaled up from three to five and now daily from Addis to Seychelles.

The announcement of the daily flight was welcomed by many stakeholders in Seychelles with the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis applauding the carrier and saying ‘’additional flight means increased connectivity from the Seychelles source market, as well as choices and flexibility for visitors to the island nation.

Meron presenting a souvenir to Prof Wolfgang Thome Publisher of ATC News

The Area Manager of Ethiopian in Seychelles, Meron Tsegaye said, the increase of flight to 7 times a week was a testament of the airline’s commitment to offering convenient connectivity options to travellers and more than 54 African cities.

Meron also mentioned that based on the 2025 vision and achievement we are aiming at increasing the Aircraft capacity from the current B737-800 to cater both passenger and planned cargo shipment out of Seychelles.

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