#WTFL2019: Winners of the Start-Up Innovation Camp take home US$ 20k

Photo: A Group photo of the 15 finalists

Five start-ups came out tops during the 4th Start-Up Innovation Camp for 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland. The international jury selected five winners from the 15 finalists who pitched at this year’s event.

The objective of the start-up competition is to find the most innovative business models from around the world in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Innovation is a major force for growth and development, ensuring competitiveness and providing the ingredients for lasting success.

The organizers, World Tourism Forum Lucerne constantly stay in touch with the finalists and winners via online (Alumni group on LinkedIn) and offline (regular meetings at ITB Berlin and WTM London)

The 4th Start-up Innovation Camp 2019, which took place in the run-up to the 6th World Tourism Forum, Lucerne (WTFL) confirmed the amount of motivation, commitment and creativity that exists. Two hundred and fifty start-up companies from 56 countries applied.

The winners were Trip Boutique, (Destination), Prognolit, (Hospitality), Room Price Genise, (Transaction), KITRO, (Impact) and EuroTube, (Mobility). (Please add links to start-ups’ websites, see here: https://innovation2019.wtflucerne.org/winners)

The International Jury

In addition to their prize money of 20,000 US dollars each, the winners had the opportunity to pitch their business in front of the international audience of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne and will also benefit from a 2-year coaching programme run by experienced managers and entrepreneurs.

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne is the only platform to integrate start-ups, young executives and students into one program. Over the past ten years, it has evolved into a year-round network of leaders and innovators who are driving positive change in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. This includes an influential network of leaders from the business, education, politics, finance and community sectors.

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