Arusha gears up for East Africa’s biggest travel show

Tanzania’s North eastern city of Arusha is bracing its self to host the 2019 edition of Karibu-KiliFair Tourism Fair ,from 7-9 June.

The travel show, which has been growing steadily, has become East Africa’s biggest travel show.

This year’s edition has some unique features one of which is the venue of the event. It will be held at the 27,000 square meter Friedkin Recreation Centre which has enough space to house all the various activities.

Buyers, agents and media from more than 45 countries will be attending the show and have the unique opportunity to experience some of the best sights and sounds of Tanzania.


Over 450 exhibitors from Tanzania and other parts of Africa have signed up for the event. The organizers expect over 5000 particpants during the 3-day exhibition.

KARIBU/KILIFAIR is the leading international Outdoor Tourism & Industry Fair in Tanzania, promoting and presenting companies based in the Kilimanjaro-Region, Tanzania and East Africa as a destination.

Seminars and workshops on tourism will also be held during the exhibition.

Click the official website to read more and register to attend.visit the official website

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