Botswana and Rwanda to establish direct flights between the two countries

Botswana and Rwanda have signed an agreement that will allow for direct flights between the two countries. This happened during President Kagame’s 2-day state visit to Botswana, late this month.

The Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA) will facilitate the process of establishing direct flights between the two countries. The agreement also includes strengthened cooperation in trade and industry, agriculture, education and training, health, mining tourism, defece and law enforcement.

Masisi said the aim of the “structured bilateral framework” – Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation (JPCC) aims to provide strategic direction on relations between Botswana and Rwanda.

“The JPCC will also refocus our countries’ efforts on critical areas where they have comparative advantages such as animal disease control; beef production and mineral beneficiation where Botswana has made significant strides,” he said.

He added that “Botswana could channel its energies to Rwanda’s strengths which are its successful service sector; diversified tourism sector; developed ICT and commerce for mutual benefit.”


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