My Priority is to position tourism as a top global sector -Pololikashvili

The Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Ambassador Zurab Pololikashvili is determined to make tourism a lead sector in the global agenda.

The Secretary General was addressing participants at the Aid for Global Review 2019 session 5 currently ongoing in Geneva, Switzerland. He said “My top priority is to position tourism as a top sector in the global agenda.”

He added that creating value added jobs is crucial and ''the need to have innovation at the heart of our daily work is now''.

Mr. Pololikashvili reemphasized tourism’s power with his presentation to participants at the forum.

“With Tourism accounting for 10% of the GDP, 7% of total exports & 30% of total exports in services it is necessary that countries develop plans to finance tourism to reach the goals of Agenda2030” he added.

Innovation has been at the forefront of his administration since he took over the reigns as secretary general in January 2018.

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