Vhoolink's Tourism Agenda for SMEs

The face of African Tourism is changing and there are two women who are pushing the boundaries to strengthen the Tourism Sector in Africa.

Victoria Salami and Aisha Abubakar Achonu are the founders of VHOOLINK. A Nigerian based platform that works to strengthen 'Brand Africa' SME's and Female owned businesses that impact Tourism.

Their aim is to 'raise standards' in key areas so that these businesses can compete internationally, attract investors and Tourists.

Vhoolink have just announced their partnership with the UNWTO- United Nations World Tourism Organisation. A collaboration that will strengthen their agenda for tourism in Nigeria.

So who are the Cofounders?
Victoria Salami's background as a Lawyer and Founder of the successful British-Nigerian handbag brand Victoria Lam that recently won the WINTRADE 2019 Award for Women's Fashion. Her brand has also partnered with BAFTA the toast of British Film.

Victoria Salami

Victoria is passionate about cultivating a 'new high standard' for businesses in Africa to increase customer confidence in our services. She is a business development specialist who strongly believes that focused tourism can strengthen the economy and foster technology advancement.

She was a panelist at the 10th edition of INVESTOUR 2019 held in Madrid by UNWTO, Casa Africa and FITUR where she spoke about Digital transformation and its impact on Niche Tourism.

Aisha Abubakar Achonu is the CEO of Aisha Abubakr designs, respected for its quintessentially elegant gowns as seen on the catwalks of various African fashion Show and stocked internationally, a successful entrepreneur who is also the cofounder of Mercedes Benz Abuja Fashion Week and whose passions run from being a branding expert to helping start-up businesses grow.

Aisha Abubakar Achonu

Vhoolink works with businesses and governmental departments across Africa by providing consultants who train their teams on how to be successful in Toursim. They provide a platform that connects businesses to investors and is trusted as a go to source for new tourism projects.

The first VHOOLINK Live event is at our doors and will take place on Friday 18th October 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria. An inspiring event that will have Talks, Workshops, A Dragon's Den styled challenge and competitions to help businesses win investment.

Visit www.vhoolink.com for more information.

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