Cabo Verde Airlines on expansion drive

Following the more recent launch of flights to Rome has the airline announced that plans are underway to commence flights from Sal to Washington DC on the 08th of December, initially operating the service once a week.Flights to Luanda in Angola and to Porto Alegre in Brazil are due to follow on the 09th and 11th of December respectively, operating twice a week to these destinations.

The airline’s network map also shows planned flights to Lagos but no date has been set yet. The aircraft used for the flights is a Boeing B757 of which the airline has three on their fleet.

It is understood that Cabo Verde Airlines intends to move all international departures to Sol, which will affect the current flights from Praia to Boston.

Iceland Air’s subsidiary Loftleidir Icelandic owns a major share of Cabo Verde Airlines following a privatisation process some time ago.

Story by Prof Wolfgang Thome- ATC News

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