Miss Tourism Ghana 2019 contestants bring Ghanaian fashion and culture to life

It was a sensational weekend of rich Ghanaian culture and fashion as the 2019 Miss Tourism Ghana pageant held their Culture and Fashion night.

For two nights all ten contestants brought their A-game to enthrall audience as each of them battled it out to amass points as they prepare for the final showdown at the Grand Finale at the National Theatre on August 16, 2019.

The first of these encounters was on Saturday night during their Culture and Debate event at the Accra City Hotel which saw the ladies display a combination of intellectual witticism and traditional finesse to entertain guests. The debate topic was on the significance of the Year of Return celebrations for the youth which was followed by the regional dance presentations.

Then there was Sunday night at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel where the contestants rocked the runway in their beautifully designed outfit made from GTP fabrics to dazzle the audience to glitz and elegance.

Winners of the nights will be announced at the crowning of Miss Tourism Ghana 2019 who would also have the bragging right as the 10th edition winner on Friday.

Click here to view exclusive photos from the Culture and Fashion nights.

By: Samuel Obeng Appah

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