Air Seychelles invests in new equipments to support ground handling and cargo business

Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles has recently acquired a series of new equipment to support the growth of the ground handling and cargo business.

The new equipment include one main deck loader, forklift stacker and cargo 20ft palettes, towable narrow body aircraft passenger stairs, universal wide body aircraft tow bar, aircraft water services truck as well as additional vans to be used by the technical operations, cargo including FedEx team.

As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emission in the atmosphere and to support the national drive in protecting the Seychelles environment, Air Seychelles has significantly invest in electric baggage tractors and hand tugs to reduce fuel dependency.

Manager Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Jeven Zelia who oversees the facilitation and maintenance of all equipment used airside said: “Over the last 8 months, Air Seychelles has invested nearly 1 million dollars in the acquisition of new equipment to increase the capabilities of the ground handling and cargo operations.

“Having the right tools and equipment in place, will help Air Seychelles as a ground handler to push its customer value proposition forward and remain compliant towards the service level agreements maintained with customer airlines operating at the Seychelles International Airport by delivering the ‘Service as Promised’.

“I am also proud of the considerable investment made in the purchase of renewable energy equipment to minimize operational costs and carbon emission footprint, as throughout our daily duties we also need to be conscious of the ecosystem we operate in.”

Air Seychelles currently provide ground handling and cargo service to 12 customer airlines operating at the Seychelles International Airport. The airline also offers the same service to charter operators on the island.

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