[Article] The beauty of Ghana’s arts and their value to tourism growth


Tourism in Ghana has rocketed beyond the borders of country to the rest of the world. Fused with creativity, the tourism industry cuts across many things; from music, dance, food, fashion, the arts and the likes, Ghanaian art is reaching out to people who truly appreciate the Arts.

The beauty of Arts is more than just admiring an artefact but the understanding and embracing of African heritage.
Ghana is known for making great wooden sculptures, making the country popular around the world and attracting visitors and foreigners. The Arts Centre is a stop shop for all things arts you can think of.

You can find things like wooden sculptures, ceramics, kente cloths, wood carvings, beads, paintings among other beautiful artefacts. Wooden sculpture produced at the centre is an eye-catcher you can’t overlook. These handicrafts are made readily for your admiration. Serving as a tourist site, the centre not only sells products but promotes the beautiful arts we have in Ghana.

Some artefacts like beads speak great volume in the Ghanaian society. It symbolises our rich culture and heritage. In Ghana, beads are not only a symbol of beauty but it plays a big role in the lives of the people. It’s the first set of jewellery every child is adorned with right after birth and also a person’s last adornment when they are being buried. Beads are beautiful and they have a significant importance in the African society. They are the expression of the creativity of our people.

At the Arts Centre, people busy themselves carving all sorts of crafts from wood

The Kente cloth is a colourful hand-woven fabric that is worn by the people mostly on important occasions like weddings, engagements, festivals and the like. Ghana is recognised for the rich display of this cloth all over the world. The length of creativity embedded in the weaving of this cloth and its colours, tells the rich history and culture of the people. Such creative art has begotten us with beauty through generations.

In terms of music, dance, food, fashion and the likes, creativity and beauty of the arts is endless. Its warmth keeps you breathing.
It is beautiful when you visit an arts dealership to see how some of these wooden sculptures are made. You get to know the procedure in making them and how they turn out after completion. Much goes into making these and the skilful artists don’t fall short in producing some of these amazing crafts.

The Art industry, specifically the crafts and handicraft industry, has created an avenue for creating employment for rural people skilful in that sector to contribute to the development of the tourism industry.
Creating employment and revenue to the tourism industry, the Arts in Ghana also promotes tourism by projecting African arts to the world. Moving beyond the shores of Africa, Ghanaian arts is making waves around the world.

The Arts in Ghana is not only about crafts but also representation of the country in terms of culture and heritage. Arts in Ghana, is a major factor in promoting African artistry and values to the world. Ghanaian arts has parachuted more deals for Ghana and therefore it has made tourism a key economic driver for the country.

Wood carvings are a very visible part of Ghana’s arts industry

However, Ghanaians are entreated to purchase and use African artefacts as a way of promoting tourism in the country. When we use these products, it will be easier to sell the culture and promote the country’s tourism. It’s about time we play our parts judiciously and help push tourism to greater heights.

Haven’t got any piece of Artefact yet? Don’t wait anymore. Visit the Arts Centre, next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park in the heart of Accra to get some of these beautiful crafts. You can have some of them on the walls of your house, wear some and have them wherever you want. These sculptures and crafts add some touch to wherever they are placed. And you can get them as gifts for your loved ones.
Promoting Tourism in Ghana is every Ghanaian’s responsibility.

Join the train of promoting African artistry. Tell someone to tell someone of the awesome things to discover in the world of Arts at the centre. There are so many things awaiting you. Explore and have fun.

The Writer Odoom Benedicta Gyamra is a National Service Personnel at the Ghana Tourism Authority Head Office, Accra.


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