Ghana affirms readiness to host UNWTO’s Regional Congress on Women Empowerment

Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture has assured the general tourism community of the country’s preparedness to host the first-ever UNWTO Regional Congress on Women Empowerment in the tourism sector-Focus on Africa.

In an interview at the just ended WTM London, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi said that with important role women play in the development and growth of tourism, Ghana is happy to be hosting the Congress.

“We recognise that women constitute an important stakeholder in the tourism industry. Women have businesses which cut across all the value chain of the tourism industry. And for tourism to thrive, we need to support women’s participation in the industry.

“So we are happy to host the Women in Tourism Conference in Ghana and we believe that we are going to bring all the women businesses, as well as all the stakeholders who support women businesses to strategically identify the support that we need to give women in the industry,” she said.

On the various areas of focus for deliberations at the event, the Minister said: “We are going to have discussions around funding women businesses; we are going to have discussions around technical skills development, as well as technology that will support women businesses in the tourism sector.”

The Regional Congress on Women Empowerment in the tourism sector-Focus on Africa aims to among other things; create synergies among African countries and key stakeholders for greater cooperation in the promotion of women’s empowerment in the tourism sector

The conference is coming on from 25th to 27th November, in Accra, Ghana's capital; and will feature sessions such as a Masterclass on Innovation in Tourism.

“I will encourage all the Ministers of tourism across the region to register with their women business leaders to participate in the conference so that we strategize to support our women,” Oteng-Gyasi entreated.

Anyone who wishes to attend this very important event can click here to register.

By: Samuel Obeng Appah

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