Aabla Awards acknowledge inputs of judges

Organizers of the All Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLA) have paid glowing tributes to judges and panel of team who through their works helped choose Africa’s outstanding personalities for the year.

In a tweet posted on their official Handle the event organizers said “ We are honored to have the valued input and contribution of Sam Bhembe, Dr Snowy Khoza, @AntheaCartesian, and Kurai Chitima @KChitima @METHILRENUKA, @BJRewane, @MoniqueVanek, towards the awards.

The eight judges included Celebrated tourism analyst and policy consultant Dr Carmen Nibigira from Horwath Consult.

The Team through meetings and video conferencing went through meticulous process to vet the nominees for this year’s prestigious awards.

The aabla awards partnered with CNBC Africa news to crown deserving Africans who are making meaningful impact on the continent through their respective disciplines.

President of African development bank Akimwumi Adesani was named the African man of the year.

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