Angola relaxes tourist visas in bid to boost business investment

In an attempt to encourage business and investments into the country, as well as boost the availability of foreign currency within its borders, Angola is relaxing tourist visas for certain countries.

Visitors from Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Rwanda and Zambia can enter Angola without having to apply for a business or tourist visa.

“It is clearly an effort by the Angolan government to encourage business and investments into the country, and to alleviate the unavailability of foreign currency in the country and the challenges behind that,” says Tarissa Wareley, immigration specialist at Xpatweb.

She says another innovative decision is to allow people to conduct business under a tourist visa. This is a concession to investors from countries that are still required to enter the country with a visa.

Wareley says the government has also extended the validity of the tourist visa from 90 days to 120 days.

The normal processing times for visas range anything between two to three weeks. If there is an urgent need for a business or investors to enter Angola it will no longer be subjected to this delay.

The government is also allowing foreign nationals to partner with an Angolan national to set up a business, without having to invest at least $500 000.

Source: CGTN

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