#FITUR2020: FITUR celebrates four decades of travel shows and industry success

The Capital of Spain, Madrid will once again open its doors to over 50,000 travel and tourism professionals during the 40th anniversary of the FITUR International Tourism Fair in IFEMA,
a suburb of Madrid. From 22 to 26 January 2020, the halls of IFEMA will be the epicenter of tourism activities with more dynamic and innovative programs to celebrate four decades of excellence at the world’s third biggest tourism and travel show.

Sustainability, Technology and Specialisation will continue to be the main traction of FITUR 2020, in addition to the fair’s higher representation and internationalisation, in alignment with the positive data on the tourism industry. Everything point to FITUR continuing its successful and upward trajectory, as shown by the figures of the last edition, which brought together 10,400 participating companies, with 253,000 attendees.

Promoting the agenda of B2B meetings is one of the key objectives of this edition of FITUR, both regarding the general programme, FITUR B2B Match, and the programme specialising in meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions and business travel, FITUR MICE, (22 and 23 January) will bring together 100 representatives of the offer for meetings with 120 qualified procurement officers from around the world.

This year will also see the introduction of the monographic area FITUR TALENT, which will focus on people's talent, skills and professional capability as a factor in tourism competitiveness. FITUR TALENT will again have an exhibition area which will analyse, (through conferences, workshops and meetings) very innovative and dynamic proposals; it will also look at perspective and strategy of tourism, management companies and talent hunting as well as training.

South Korea, FITUR 2020 partner country
South Korea is this year's FITUR Partner Country. This destination has experienced an important increase in the number of foreign visitors; in 2018 it received 15.3 million tourists, 15.1% more than in the previous year. It is also increasingly attractive to Spaniards, as last year it received 27,314 Spanish visitors, 17.2% more than in 2017.

The FITUR NEXT Observatory, the FITUR platform dedicated to detecting good practises in tourism with positive effects that can be replicated, will focus its research on how tourism can contribute to local economic development. This is one of the challenges that the Observatory, after analysing hundreds of good practises throughout the world, has identified as key to enabling tourism boost its positive effects.

FITUR will continue focusing on specialisation and on the growth of some of the recently-introduced sections, such as FITUR CINE and FITUR FESTIVALS and it will again offer its consolidated monographic areas, such as FITUR GAY (LGBT +) and FITUR HEALTH, as well as the sections FITURTECHY and FITUR KNOW HOW, where technology is shown as an essential tool for the growth of tourism and for progress towards the smart tourism concept.

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