Covid-19: Kenya Joins #TravelTomorrow Campaign

The world all over is experiencing the greatest health emergency Corona Virus aka COVID 19; Almost all sectors that contributes to the economies has been affected. Tourism is one such economies that has been hard hit with the pandemic. Leaders in the tourism sector has come out to show support for the fight against the scourge by encouraging travellers to heed to the World Health Organization’s call to #Stayhome for now and #Traveltomorrow.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in these challenging times has been engaging the WHO and other allied tourism organizations to look at ways at mitigating the impact on the tourism sector as well as urging governments to make tourism part of their recovery plans.

A campaign launched by the UNWTO #Stayathome #TravelTomorrow has been well received by many of its member states as well as the tourism community. The campaign essentially entreats citizens to stay home in order to help curb the spread of the virus while planning to travel tomorrow.

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Hon. Najib Balala joined other colleague ministers and international partners in a UNWTO convened virtual call session under the global tourism committee last week. He chairs UNWTO's Executive Council.

Najib Balala taking part in the Global Tourism Crisis meeting (Virtual)

The Kenya Tourism Board KTB), the agency responsible for the marketing of the country has joined the campaign to sensitize the public about the challenging times and the importance of staying at home as advised but also use this time to plan and explore the unforgettable experiences of Kenya’s tourism magic tomorrow.

KTB CEO Dr Betty Radier said, the board is putting people first and sensitising the tourism sector to ensure the necessary precautionary protocols are observed to curb and defeat covid19 and will be happy to welcome the world back to Kenya when they travel tomorrow.

‘’ We join the rest of the destinations in putting people first and taking all precautions to flatten the COVID19 curve key measure washing hands, social distancing and self-quarantine for those who have recently arrived into the country or been in to contact with infected persons. The Kenyan tourism private sector has been in the frontline in securing both the safety of visitors and staff alike) ‘’

The Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board have held several meetings with the frontline staff and private sector players to ensure that safety and WHO standard measures are adhered at all tourism facilities and points of entry. This is also in line with the Ministry of Health directives in Kenya which the tourism sector is supporting.

The Country closes its boarders air, land and road on Wednesday 25th March as it fights the virus.

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