Owners of Taita Hills and Salt Lick Wildlife Resorts assure staff over job security


Days after the announcement by Sarova Hotels to cease the management operation of Taita Hills and Salt Lick Wildlife Resorts, owners of the facilities have quelled suggestions of retrenchment for the over 140 employers.

A statement read: ”The staff who are currently on leave due to the ongoing tragic Covid-19 crisis will be retained as we consider them to be an integral part of the success of these 2 lodges in the heart of Tsavo.”

The two hotels have been under Sarova Hotel Group for 13 years in an operate and share deal but it will effectively come to an end on July1, 2020.

In the statement issued by the management of the two hotels, it among other things confirmed the end of their stint with Sarova and indicated how the relationship was mutually beneficial and look forward to even more wonderful days ahead.

 ”We would like to officially inform you that as of 01 July 2020 Taita Game Lodge and Saltlick Game Lodge will no longer be managed by Sarova Hotels Kenya. It has been an extensive and mutually beneficial collaboration with Sarova Hotels and their management team,”  the release stated.

Adducing reasons for the non-renewal of the management contract, the resort said: ”Following internal deliberations, the board took a decision not to extend the management agreement for the lodges and the sanctuary, therefore the current management agreement which expires on 30 June 2020 for both the lodges and the sanctuary will not be renewed. ”

The names of the properties will be reverted to

Salt Lick Safari Lodge
Taita Hills Safari Lodge
Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

The 28,000 acre sanctuary is currently undergoing extensive rehabilitation including road networks, water pans, reforestation and restoration of indigenous species as we help mother nature heal itself.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge

We have also enhanced game warden patrols within the sanctuary to safeguard the wildlife during this period.

The Management further assured all partners and stakeholders of the commitment of them to continue the partnership and thus helping deliver great guest experiences.

”We also want to assure all agents, guests, staff, local community and all stakeholders that we remain fully committed to developing the lodges and sanctuary. We have a very clear vision to further enhance the overall guest experience in the future,” the statement concluded.

Salt Lick Safari Lodge with its unique architectural design is considered one of the most photographed lodges in the world while Taita Hills Safari lodge was designed as a German fortress with breathtaking views over the Tsavo region.

The sanctuary is also home to a huge array of resident wildlife freely roaming between the Sanctuary and Tsavo National Park.

Guests are welcomed by large herds of buffaloes and elephants given the positioning as a wildlife corridor between Tsavo East , Tsavo West and Mkomazi in Tanzania.

The sanctuary is also home to the one and only World War 1 battle fields in the region.

The lodges, in partnership with local historians, have mapped a number of the sites and created walking trails to understand the history of this unique region.

Guests are invited to visit the museum located within Taita Hills Safari Lodge with many historic artifacts and a full history of what transpired around the Taita Hills.

Story by Kojo Bentum-Williams edited by Ridwan Ibrahim Asante


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