Ethiopian Skylight Hotel outlines Health Protocols


Ethiopian Skylight hotel has instituted measures to ensure guests and patrons of the five-star facility are safe and secured. In the wake of the disruptive coronavirus pandemic, the hotel in a detailed update released measures approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control (CDC) as well as the Ethiopian Ministry of Health.

The list includes disinfection of all public areas such as staircases, counters, lifts, lift button, furniture, toilets, among others in every 30 minutes.

Below is the list of health measures
• All staff is trained, and PPE equipped as per WHO and CDC and MOH standards.
• All Staff receive a daily briefing on any new developments or guidelines regarding COVID-19.
• All staff cafeteria seating now conforms to social distancing requirements of 2-meters, one table for one person.
• Staff changing room timings are scheduled in a way that minimum staff are in the locker rooms at one time.
• Staff are being provided fruits and sweets at lunch and dinner.
• All the hotel employees & guests are being screened for temperature when entering/ leaving the hotel.
• There is continuous COVID-19 awareness communication throughout the hotel, for guests and employees- specific WHO, CDC
• & MOH video clips in the hotel lobby and staff cafeteria, as well as posters reminding employees and guests to wear their face masks at all times.
• All the hotel employees, guests, and visitors are made using hand sanitizers when entering/ leaving the hotel.
• Hygienic hand sanitizers are being placed in all public and back of the house areas like reception, elevators, public restrooms, guest corridors, staff lockers, kitchens, and offices.
• Antibacterial soaps are placed in all public restrooms.
• All hotel areas are sanitized/ disinfected as per WHO and CDC and MOH standards using Diversey products.
• Every 30 minutes Disinfection of all public areas like staircases, counters, lifts, lift button, furniture, toilets, door handles as well as kitchens, room service areas, staff lockers, and offices.
• Disinfection of the hotel compound premises every 2 weeks.
• All hotel is a non-smoking zone.
• Elevator use is restricted to 2 occupants at one time.
• Visitors and vehicles are not allowed to enter the hotel premises in the duration of the lockdown.
• Public restaurants, bars, swimming pool, gym, and spa in the hotel are closed for the duration of COVID-19 measures.
• All food is provided by our hotel kitchen, which is fully sanitized/ disinfected as per WHO and CDC and MOH standards.
• Guests are not allowed to share a guest room.
• All guests are monitored for symptoms upon check-in.
• All Guests must stay in their room during their entire Quarantine period.
• Dedicated hotel security is on each guest floor 24 hours daily.
• Guest Service Centre is available 24 hours daily to look after all our guests needs and requirements.
• All hotel is a non-guest contact zone.
• Room service orders will be placed outside rooms in accordance with social distancing guidelines.
• Room service is available 24 hours daily and offers an exciting variety of international, Chinese, and Ethiopian dishes.
• Housekeeping will not be cleaning guests’ rooms. This is for guest and employee safety; housekeeping will provide guests linens and amenities on request.
• Housekeeping menu is available 24 hours daily to provide all necessary linen, towels, amenities, water, and special requests.
• Ministry of Health team is available 24 hours daily conducting a daily health check of each hotel guest.
• Ministry of Health team is providing also medical assistance, other than Covid-19, through a fully equipped mobile clinic, by a
• Psychologist, medical and special doctors, and environmental and health officers.
• Ministry of Health will issue a Health certificate to each guest after having completed a negative final Covid-19 test prior to check out.


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