Karibu KiliFair Travel Expo moved to 2021

This year’s Karibu KiliFair Travel Exhibition has been rescheduled for 4-6, June next year.

The Organisers in a communication to travel trade confirmed the ravaging corona virus as the main reason for the cancellation of this year’s event. It promised a big and better expo in 2021.

“Dear valued Tourism stakeholders! In addition to the personal information already sent to our exhibitors & buyers, we like to inform the public that KARIBU-KILIFAIR won't happen this year and is finally postponed to June 4-6, 2021. This decision was made together with major stakeholders and in the best interest of the entire Tourism industry of Tanzania. Let's prepare for 2021 !” the statement said.

KARIBU/KILIFAIR is the leading international Outdoor Tourism & Industry Fair in Tanzania, promoting and presenting companies based in the Kilimanjaro-Region, Tanzania and East Africa as a destination.

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