Kenya turns to virtual Safari campaign to showcase wildlife offering


Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala has today officially launched a virtual Safari live stream campaign to showcase game safaris in some of the parks and reserves across the country.

The six-week expedition across the country will be part of the ongoing #MagicAwaits campaign led by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) that is aimed at ensuring that the world and travelers remain connected to destination Kenya even during the current Covid-19 lock down period when there is restricted movement globally.

Speaking while launching the virtual safari at Nairobi National Park, CS Balala noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught players in different sectors to be more innovative to keep their businesses afloat during these difficult moments.

“Our international tourism business is completely cut off and we have to still share destination memories with travelers and that is why we are unveiling a virtual tour safari to connect visitors with the destination”, said the CS.

Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala at the Nairobi National Park

Kenya’s safari, he pointed out, has been named the best in the world adding that the sector will endeavor to liven up this brand positioning by ensuring that the country remains top of mind among visitors and investors alike.

“This venture which begins here at the Nairobi National Park will allow us to document our diverse wildlife in the National Parks and game reserves, thrilling adventures, beautiful lodges and unique cultures and conservation projects that Kenya has become world famous for. We shall be live streaming and sharing this content every week to bring Kenya to Kenyans and to the world at large” said the CS.

With travelers now confined to their respective homes due to the Covid-19 crisis, demand for indoor activities and exploration is on the rise. Countries and tourism organizations are coming up with online tours of their offerings, experiences, and properties so that the quest for discovery remains unhindered, shifting only from the physical to the virtual.

KTB Chief Executive Officer Dr. Betty Radier on her part said that the board was working to ensure that people across the world are connected to the destination during this period when many are not travelling. She added that tourism is going to change going forward and that Kenya should also be ready to embrace and maneuver.

“Our marketing strategies will continue to adjust with the currently evolving scenarios. We are currently running campaigns to ensure that Kenya remains an option for the domestic and international traveler now and post Covid-19. Through this venture we aim to remind the world that we are one of a kind and that we are magical and taking care of the destination” said Dr. Radier

“Keep an eye on the Magical Kenya social media sites for ways to interact with the expedition: ask questions, send them, this will be your chance to explore Kenya virtually from home” she added

The virtual tour will also be showcasing the various Covid-19 and safety protocols undertaken in the parks and facilities to ensure that visitors remain safe.


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