Innovation,Technology, Sustainability and Inclusion: the Future of Hotels at FITURTECHY


Hotels in the coming decade will be inclusive, technological, sustainable and innovative. This trend will introduce a new kind of customer, consumers who want to be surprised, want to feel experiences and emotions in their travels, are tech-savvy, and want to share their feelings at each moment.

You can experience all these trends and challenges facing the hotel sector at #techYhotel. This area is located in FITURTECHY, a special-interest technology and tourism space in Hall 10B at FITUR. This space is organised by FITUR and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (Hotel Technology Institute, ITH).

#TechYhotel will showcase these trends and enable visitors to try out different ways of using and implementing new technologies. Over 25 of the sector’s leading companies will join forces in an integrated way to showcase the most cutting-edge technological innovations in the market in partnership with ITH to provide visitors with an interactive showroom.

The hotel tour is inclusive at this edition, so each space will have a Krion plate with a QR code to access information about each technology solution and a brief description in Braille by signage company Más Infinito.

At #techYhotel, visitors will meet Bumerania, the TEMI Robot, who can detect customers’ emotions and satisfaction with their hotel stay. Facial recognition of customers is also increasingly important. Smart locks on each guest room door and other spaces can open doors for each authorised person simply by recognising their face.

We’ll also be presenting the Bellabot Robot. Bellabot is a robot waiter that can deliver and clear away over 40 kg of orders on its four trays. The showroom will also have a smart interactive table. Customers select an item, and the KettyBot robot serves it.

We’ll also have a robot watchdog that patrols the hotel premises and will soon be able to serve as a guide dog.

We’ll also have an interactive totem by Dax Robotics for FITURTECHY visitors to order and pay for their drinks. The robot orders and dispenses the selected beverage: beer, coffee or freshly squeezed natural juice.

Accessibility specialists, Ilunion Accessibility, will show how technology can help people with low vision have a more effortless stay and find their way around, and for people with hearing loss. An inclusive hotel has to be adapted, and the Hotel of the Future will show what that can be like.

Since the pandemic, the self-check-in process is here to stay. Chapp will be at #techYhotel to show their wall kiosk that enables customers to do the whole check-in process themselves. It even provides different types of room keys: magnetic or code, or with a smartphone for suitable-equipped hotels.

CERIUM is at FITURTECHY to present their new IPTV system for hotels and new secure infrastructure and connectivity solutions to get ready for the arrival of the hyper-connected guests.

As we take a tour around the hotel, we can see three different solutions that combine decorative design features with sound absorption, presented by Absotec:

First, the two acoustic booths, in different sizes, for individuals and groups. These acoustic booths provide a quiet place to hold meetings, make phone calls and work in an environment free of noise and distractions. The acoustic booths are fully equipped with USB connections, chargers, forced air ventilation and efficient lighting. They are carefully designed in every detail to ensure usability, interior acoustic comfort, aesthetics and sustainability. The booth is lined inside with acoustic panels to absorb sound and avoid noise and privacy problems to provide a peaceful and quiet environment.

They also supply acoustic picture frames to avoid echoes with an extra decorative feature. The density and porosity of the material give it an extraordinary noise absorption capacity across a wide range of sound frequencies, making it an indispensable solution. It can be designed to suit any environment.

The third decorative feature is acoustic mosaics. These sound-absorbing wall panels are an excellent alternative to ceiling-mounted panels and provide an absorbent material for walls in different designs. You can use these wall tiles to try out different fabrics, sizes and patterns to create a customised mural with impressive noise reduction capacity.

In the future, newspapers and magazines will be increasingly read online. PressReader brings innovation to the travel industry by offering more than seven thousand publications from over 120 countries in more than sixty languages. This platform can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, e-reader or computer. It ensures that hotel guests are kept safe and entertained with sustainable, contactless, hyper-personalised technology relevant to their interests.

The future is sustainable, with customers who are more aware. Resuinsa’s R&D&I enables them to make their bed and bath ranges in a circular process with recycling to reduce waste and pollution. These are products that can be reused repeatedly to achieve almost infinite recycling. They are made from post-consumer recycled textiles and can also be reused. The aim is to promote the transition to a circular economy by creating several product ranges with multiple lives and reused for different purposes. One example is the VITA slipper that will be on show in the Hotel of the Future.

Another innovation there is Veltia’s VFusion Foot Dryer. With its high-speed motor, this new revolutionary foot dryer can dry in just eight seconds. It’s also the first foot dryer that can be installed for older people and others with limited mobility. It has the H13 Hepa Filter air filter, which traps 99.97% of airborne particles. In addition to this filter, it has an odour neutralising system: Veltia Zerosmell®, which eliminates bad odours and improves air quality, leaving a gentle fragrance all around.

Daikin, the leader in air conditioning and air quality, will be at FITURTECHY to show their VRV Inverter heat pump and portable air purifiers.

The Daikin VRV system is a Heat Pump System that provides heating and air conditioning in the same unit and “free” hot water by recovering heat from the installation. Also, its VRT (Variable Refrigerant Temperature) technology avoids draughts and improves performance. Together with a centralised control unit, all these are critical features for controlling energy costs.

The company will also show their air purifiers to improve indoor air quality with an elegant and compact design. Just place them in the room and plug them into a power outlet. Their Flash Streamer technology improves indoor air quality and long-lasting electrostatic HEPA filters.

We will also have water dispensers with reverse osmosis and UV light technology systems. These dispensers clean and purify the water, eliminate the hardness, bad taste and even bad odour from tap water. You can also choose the temperature. All these features are by Atrium Salud.

Check-In Jobs will also be in the technology room, showing its Talent Pool platform. Talent Pool reverses the flow in the selection process to connect large companies in the hospitality sector with the best professionals for their vacancies. This strategy makes the selection process five times faster using its application as software-as-a-service. Its algorithms have been developed to search for matches between supply and demand.

For cleaning, SANIKEY introduces a different approach that moves away from the flat rate per stay model to consumption per-use for hygiene products and utensils to cover room services, kitchen, laundry and common areas. They transfer all their expertise to the centres, providing them with the most efficient products and systems in exchange for a monthly fee per guest.

The architect Miguel Soler of MSC has designed the different spaces in the Hotel of the Future: a hotel design with innovative, technological and inclusive spaces.

Design is not contrary to function. Kaudex will be exhibiting some of their furniture designs inspired by the work of painter Piet Mondrian with a classic touch of geometric design. They look to the future and have sensors in the cabinet doors, USB charging ports in useful places, adjustable lighting. They can be customised to suit the needs of any hotel for the greater comfort of its customers.

Roca will be exhibiting a designer bathroom with technology systems for controlling and reducing consumption. The trend is toward contactless customer interaction with technology.

Technology can also help us sleep and rest, by measuring how we sleep, to provide clues about how to do it better. This is what Pikolin offers with its new bed, with a mechanical base to allow hotel cleaners to work better.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Fluge offers a comprehensive range of audiovisual technology. Not only giant screens but also custom content created to enhance customer experience with both information and atmosphere. Fluge are experts in audiovisual infrastructure and technology for installations, including events, concerts, and congress halls.

Security is a priority in HP’s technology solutions and products for the hotel sector, both hardware and software. Some of its equipment with curved screens, laptops, tablets and printers will be on display at the Hotel.

The Hotel will have water dispensers in strategic locations provided by Atrium, a source of health and wellness both in common areas and in the room itself, always aware of sustainability and the environment.

Fluidra are specialists in swimming pools and wellness. For this occasion, they provide the wellness area with technology with saunas and showers. These are suitable for a hotel room or a common spa area.

VODAFONE Business will be at FITURTECHY with its partners, exhibiting solutions for mixed reality applications. Visitors will see the world opened up by mixed-reality glasses, combining reality with additional information about the spaces around us. These glasses can act as a tour guide, show a route, give extra information about the places around us, and much more.

They can also be display holograms as an eye-catching way to provide information.

The #techYhotel will be featured at FITURTECHY in four forums that will feature top-level presentations and panel discussions. These forums are:

#techYdestino, sponsored by Amadeus. The forum about technology and destinations.

#techYfuturo, hosted by American Express, about the future of tourism.

#techYnegocio, sponsored by AdQuiver. A forum focusing on the tourism sector and business.

#techYsostenibilidad, forum sponsored by Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar. It will focus on sustainability and the environment in tourism.


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