South African Tourism targets European travelers with ”Lekker local tips” Campaign


South African Tourism North Europe has launched their new digital campaign “Lekker local tips”, a localisation of their “LIVE AGAIN” campaign, and the destination marketing organisation invites all South Africans to be part of the fun! The campaign gives European travelers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden the opportunity to experience South Africa through the eyes of locals who use their “local lekker tips” to highlight the beautiful parts of the country. This campaign extends a call for local South Africans to share their unique tips and encourage travellers from North European markets to visit South Africa.

South African Tourism Acting Chief Executive Officer, Themba Khumalo says: “The over-arching insight for this campaign is that we know that our Dutch, Belgian and Swedish consumers appreciate exploring a destination like a local would. They appreciate travel related information from credible sources such as frequent travellers and people with first–hand experience, and those with ‘inside info’”

This insight, coupled with an opportunity to showcase South Africa’s warm, welcoming, friendly locals, ignited the idea to localise the global Live again! Campaign while leveraging the big idea that in South Africa, you can discover real connections that will inspire and ignite you. The “lekker local tips” campaign title was chosen to resonate with the Dutch, Flemish and Swedish speaking markets while creating familiarity around a word South Africans use within a similar context.

We need your tips
South African Tourism would like to invite our South African travel trade partners to assist in garnering tips from South African locals by extending a request to (1) provide their own travel tips and secrets and (2) offer incentives to South African consumers to encourage participation in providing tips. This is an incredible opportunity for SA travel trade and product owners to assist in showcasing South Africa to these important source markets.

At a later stage of the South African facing campaign, South African Tourism will also create video content of travel partners inviting South Africans to provide tips where this content will be deployed across various channels.

These invitation videos will be distributed for an initial period of four weeks, followed by a second phase, depending on the number of tips received. The tips collected will then be used to populate a digital map that will be launched in July 2022 as a conversion tool for our North European audiences. If you would like more information on how to get involved in this initiative, you can contact Abby Swartz Jacobs: Marketing and Communications Manager for North Europe at South African Tourism through the email

The Live again! campaign includes a digital map that will house local tips and favourite travel advice on how to experience the absolute best of the variety of experiences that South Africa has to offer. Ten teaser tips have been released across a variety of digital channels targeting the North European consumer, where ten local South Africans have been filmed experiencing their favourite sights and inviting Dutch, Swedish and Belgium travellers to experience the same.

To provide your tips, please upload them here:
To get inspiration for the kind of tips to load, below are YouTube links to 10 tips that are currently live and being showcased to our North European audience as part of our campaign elements.
The campaign elements
One 45 second launch video extends an invitation for travellers to visit South Africa, while showcasing sneak peeks of the tips that have been collected. This video has already gone live and can be viewed here:

Two videos of 15 seconds each showcasing adventure and safari experiences, created based on top interests sought for travelling to South Africa for travellers from North Europe:

Ten individual tip videos showcasing a variety of experiences across South Africa that are shown through the eyes of the South African local tip giver. All these videos are live and can be viewed here:

Karabo’s tip:

Mark’s tip:

Holly’s tip:

Kimerudi’s tip:

Khosie’s tip:

Carla’s tip:

Waylene’s tip:

Githan’s tip:

Zandi’s Tip:

Tim’s tip:


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