AviaDev Africa unveils Sustainability Charter


As the continent’s leading aviation event returns after 2 and half years, organizers of AviaDev Africa have assured delegates of the organization’s sustainability footprint and unveiled its charter which is expected to guide the successful return of the event.

How is AviaDev maximising its impact, whilst also minimising its impact?
‘’Sustainability is everywhere. The aviation industry is passionate about it and is working hard to meet its goals and therefore, as an event serving this industry which connects people, businesses and cultures, we wanted to share how we are making the event sustainable’’ Jon Howell, Founder of AviaDev of Africa has said.

It’s refreshing to know that the topic is no longer confined to the last session of a day in a small meeting room down a long corridor. Having attended hundreds of trade shows and industry events, we have been thinking about how to minimise our impact on the environment whilst maximising our impact on the communities we serve.

Recycled and recyclable delegate badges. Delegates will be provided with clip on badges made from recycled material that will be recycled again at the end of the event

Local labour-Staging and audio-visual team comes from Cape Town, as does our photographer and videographer, maximising our impact on the local economy

Reusable delegate bags. We are not offering our delegates poorly made, imported bags, but have invested in a reusable shopping bag to be taken away by our delegates (also made from recycled materials)

Compostable coffee and water cups (info from Century City)
Minimised stand building. Our attending exhibitors bring a simple background wall or pop up banner that is portable and can be reused at other events.

Staging- This is being made from wood and will be recycled post event

Digital signage. We are lucky that our venue has invested in digital signage which removes the need to print and create large amounts of physical signage

Supporting local charities. Each year, we organise a run/walk-in aid of a local charity and this year is no different. We are supporting the PSFA and will raise enough funds to support 200 learners affected by poverty, with a cooked nutritious breakfast and lunch every school day for an entire year

Outreach– Each year, we partner with a local Organisation to deliver a day of outreach activities. This year we are supporting the GFPA at their space camp

Supporting the next generation– The AviaDev Ambassador programme was devised to offer aviation students and enthusiasts with the opportunity to gain real-world experience. The 2 winners of our competition will be flown to the event and be part of the AviaDev onsite team. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to address the industry from the stage, raising their profile and opening the door to new opportunities
Considering the delegate’s physical health. Our food offering is chosen to offer healthy alternatives and our morning run offers delegates the opportunity to exercise during the event

Great ideas spread and we encourage other event organisers to consider the items and see if they can also make small improvements that can make a huge difference.


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