Tourism Diversity: Maasai Cultural Jamboree in Kenya


Maasai leaders vowed to preserve and protect all rites of passage in a bid to cement their culture. Led by Narok county governor Partrick Ole Ntutu, Maa Community leaders reiterated that Maasai culture remains an envy of both the locals and foreigners, noting that it takes dedication and concerted efforts by the community to maintain and sustain the culture.

“We will continue to promote our culture and identity to encourage our young generation to hold on to these practices, said the Governor.

The leaders were speaking in Narok County during the Enkipaata ceremony involving the induction of boys leading to their initiation to morans and eventually elders.

Over 2000 boys between 12 and 20 years graduated after a seven-day long induction with values such as respect and responsibility, safeguarding of the lineage, transfer of powers from one age set to the next and the transmission of indigenous knowledge being inculcated amongst the young boys during the period.

Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtua, said the preservation of the Maasai culture remains a key priority for its sustainability besides its role in the diversity of tourism offerings in the country.

Tourism Principal Secretary John Ololtua,

He said besides wildlife and beach that Kenya is known for; culture is one of the key experiences that seeks to diversify tourism offerings in the country, and called for its preservation.

Narok County Women Representative Rebecca Tongei said the Maasai community was an embodiment of cultural experiences in the country and vowed that the community will do all it takes towards its preservation and sustainability.
“Every step of the lives of our children must be aligned to our cultural values and practices even as we embrace education without which we cannot prosper as a community,” said Tongei.

Earlier, the leaders called for the need to protect and cement their culture by putting their cultural ceremonies on an annual calendar of events to be celebrated amongst the Maa speaking communities in the country.
Leaders also called for the need for the Maa counties to put together resources by budgeting a substantial amount of money to empower the cultural activities.

The event that comes to a close with a colorful pass out of the young boys on Saturday brought together key political figures in the community and event beyond including Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndidi Nyoro who hailed the community for preserving their culture over generations.

Others were Mps; Julius Ole Sunkuli, Johana Ngeno, former Narok governor Samuel Tunai, former nominated MP Wilson Sossion and Rehema Dida Jaldesa among others.


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