We want to make Praia, Cabo Verde’s melting pot of tourism, culture – Mayor 


Picture: President of the municipality of Praia Francisco Carvalho

Praia, the capital city of West Africa’s Archipelago island of Cabo Verde, is positioning itself to become the country’s heritage and cultural haven.

The city, which has a rich tapestry of Cabo Verde’s history and was a major trading port during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, is planning to create a niche for itself as the must-visit island of Cabo Verde.

Even with its endowed beachfront/resources the municipality of Praia under Santiago is working assiduously to attract the interest of cultural and heritage towers.

The City boasts of the many places that showcase the Morabeza (warmth) of the pristine island.

The municipality last month played host to the Atlantic music expo and the famous Kriol Jazz Festival.

The latter, which returned after three years as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, attracted tourists, journalists, and music enthusiasts from all over the world to Praia. The three days were exciting for the music fiesta and a showcase of Cabo Verde’s amazing musical talent.

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In an exclusive interview with VoyagesAfriq, the president of the municipality of Praia Francisco Carvalho, said his office wants to position Praia as the cultural heartbeat of Africa with music and heritage as its main draws.

“We want to put Praia on the map of tourism. We want people to know,  Praia and what we have here; our strong cultural programs all year round. 

“We have different events related to music, gastronomy and we want people to know about this and to come here to visit because we really like to receive people here and to show what we have in the field of culture,” Francisco Carvalho assured.

He further listed other notable events that will excite visitors including; the Festival of Gamboa in May, there another festival in April, and something in December also.

“We have a special event in December called ”Noite branca” in Platô where patrons dress in white dresses with live music and gastronomy on offer. 

“Right now we are creating something new and with the support of stakeholders and everyone we can position Praia as the center of diversity and a melting pot in Africa” the president of the municipality of Praia said.

He further added that the municipality sees tourism as the driving force for its economic development.

History of Praia 
Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde, which is off the coast of West Africa. The city is on the southern coast of Santiago Island. The old town center, called the “Plateau” by locals, is on a raised area overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Around the bay, beaches include; Quebra Canela and Praínha, both near the Praínha neighborhood. Complementing the enthralling natural environment, shops and restaurants cluster in the Achada de Santo António quarter.


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