Time Hotels expanding presence in Africa, eyeing new projects and opportunities


With a strong presence in the Middle East, Time Hotels is now turning its focus towards Africa, recognising its immense potential for growth and development.

In a conversation with VoyagesAfriq during this year’s Africa Hospitality Investment Forum (AHIF) in Nairobi, Mohamed Awadalla, CEO of Time Hotels, revealed the brand’s ambitious expansion plans across the African continent.
Established in 2012 by Awadalla and a team of international professionals, Time Hotels has rapidly grown its portfolio to include 17 properties across four countries in the Middle East. Now, with four years of strategic attention on Africa, the company is poised to make significant strides on the continent.

During the AHIF event, Awadalla expressed his belief that Africa is the future for Middle Eastern brands, emphasizing the enormous opportunities awaiting them.

“We started focusing on Africa because I believe very much that Africa is the future for the Middle East,” he reiterated.

Awadalla shared the fruitful outcomes of Time Hotels’ engagement in Africa thus far. With a keen interest in Nairobi, the company has already engaged with six investors, and discussions are underway for four projects in different African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, and Angola. The positive response from investors has encouraged Awadalla and his team to plan another visit to Africa in August, with a desire to further explore the market’s potential.

He added: “I like to have more time because I believe there is a lot we can do here, and the investors are open to getting different brands and have different standards in the country.”

According to Awadalla, African countries are currently underserved in terms of hotel apartments, presenting a significant opportunity for growth.

“In my opinion, there should be a hotel apartment in every capital of African countries because this is what the international and business traveller likes to have, especially when they come for one or two-year missions,” the CEO opined.

While Time Hotels has already established a presence in North Africa, including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, their concentration is now shifting toward the Middle and Southern African regions. The company is actively engaged in discussions for new projects in Zimbabwe and Zanzibar, with an imminent signing in Zimbabwe already approved while work in Liberia is also ongoing.

Awadalla also revealed plans for a new brand of boutique hotels, set to be unveiled in Morocco. This unique offering will be nestled in the heart of a forest, providing guests with a distinctive and tranquil experience.

As Time Hotels continues its expansion into Africa, the brand’s comprehensive portfolio, ranging from luxury resorts to fully furnished apartments and budget-friendly accommodations, ensures diverse options for travellers across various market segments. Additionally, their residence concept, primarily popular in the Gulf and GCC regions, caters to long-term guests seeking a homely atmosphere.


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