8 event highlights of the 38th Seychelles Creole Festival


Once again Seychelles celebrated the Creole Festival – an annual celebration of the island nation’s culture and tradition.

The 38th edition of the Festival took place in October and activities were organised on Seychelles’ three most populated islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

SNA looks at 8 events in the 2023 Creole Festival.

Creole Song competition

Roland Madeleine won the competition with his moutya song “Dife Kreol” organised during the Creole Festival by Creative Seychelles Agency (CSA) in collaboration with the National Arts and Crafts Council. The competition was launched in February.

Madeleine received his first prize in a ceremony at the “Spektak Popouri” on Monday at the International Conference Centre in Victoria.

Tifin Traditional Wedding ceremony

This year, a couple from South Africa – François Du Plessis and Laetitia Borsch, had the honour of celebrating their wedding in the traditional Seychellois ceremony, which is customary in the Creole Festival.

The couple, who are anthropologists by profession, was in Seychelles to do research work.

On Sunday, they were married in a ceremony at the Vye Marmit restaurant in the eastern Mahe district of Au Cap in the company of 80 invitees.

Selebo – Creole Music Show

The music festival, which was organised by the Seychellois group Tanmi, took place on October 27 at the car park of the Stad Popiler in Seychelles’ capital of Victoria.

Performing on the day were also a group of Malagasy nationals residing in Seychelles and an Indian group along with local artists.

Lafoli Lanmod – (Fashion Madness Show)

Seychellois stylists had the opportunity during the “Lafoli Lanmod” (Fashion Madness) to showcase their creativity, innovation, and talent often crafted with local raw materials. The event replaced the customary “Fon Lanmal” fashion show.

At the event at the Domaine de Val des Pres, Au Cap, prizes were awarded to the best stylist, the best professional stylist, and the best concept.

Film “Viv an Kreol”- (Living in Creole)

For the first time in the Creole Festival, a film competition was organised under the theme “Viv an Kreol.” Participants were asked to film the ways in which a Creole nation lives its creolity, and then produce a film documentary of 30 minutes.

Seven participants registered for the competition, which had amateur and professional categories.

Johnny Volcere won first prize in the professional category and Emmanuel Gobin won the amateur category.

Moman Kreativite (School Creativity Show)

Story-telling, drama, singing, and traditional dancing remained on the programme for the 38th edition of the Creole Festival at the International Conference Centre.

The creativity event saw school children of primary, secondary and professional institutions demonstrate their creative talent.

Bal Bobes (Creole Ball)

As is customary, the Creole Festival festival ended on October 31 with a Creole Ball or as is commonly called “bal bobes,” which ends at six in the morning. This year to cater to the overwhelming demand there were three Bal Bobes – one at the International Conference Centre Seafront Restaurant, another at the Vye Marmit restaurant, and one at the Backstage Restaurant.

Batenm poupet (Baptising of dolls)

Organised by the Fondasyon Leritaz Sesel (Seychelles Heritage Foundation) at the Domaine de Val des Pres, the event attracted many girls with their dolls.

The ceremony was done by a Roman Catholic priest, Father Davis Mathiot, and after that, there was a mass by his colleague Deacon Louis Agathine.

This was a well-known activity done in the past by neighbours to meet when there was no television.

Article by: Betymie Bonnelame – Seychelles News Agency


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