Malawi’s inaugural Cape Maclear Carnival: A Journey of Healing and Celebration


Cape Maclear, a jewel on the shores of Lake Malawi, recently witnessed the birth of an extraordinary event – the inaugural Cape Maclear Carnival. Under the visionary leadership of Kay de Silva, the Carnival’s Director, this vibrant celebration aims to re-ignite tourism in Cape Maclear and contribute to the cultural richness of Malawi.

Foundation of Healing and Growth
Kay de Silva envisions the Cape Maclear Carnival as more than just an annual gathering. She sees it as a foundation for healing, a space where carnival-goers can embark on a journey to become better versions of themselves. With a focus on yoga, health, and wellness, the carnival offers an array of activities designed to foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Dj Bubblegum on stage

Diverse Offerings for Every Taste
The carnival caters to diverse interests, ensuring there’s something for everyone. From running races and football tournaments to scuba diving and underwater exploration, Cape Maclear Carnival invites participants to embrace new experiences and push their boundaries. Traditional Malawian dances and cultural performances showcase the rich heritage of the region.

Kips Zikomo Band

Family-Friendly Atmosphere
Emphasising family fun, the carnival welcomes artists, musicians, comedians, and poets to entertain and inspire. With activities spread across 11 different venues in Cape Maclear, families can enjoy a weekend packed with joyous moments.

Cultural Showcases and Performances
The opening of the Carnival featured traditional storytelling by Angoni and captivating performances of Chioda and Chimtali dances by Cape Maclear ladies. A traditional parade began at Fat Monkeys Lodge, where dancers walked and danced their way through the village, enticing carnival-goers to join in the celebration. As they concluded their lively procession at the Kalanda ground, hosting the girls & boys football tournaments, they were blessed with the rising full moon. Musical performances from Mtameni, Ufulu, Lawi, Zeze, Lucious Banda, Blasto, DJ Bubblegum and many more added to the lively atmosphere.

Fire performances on the Traditional Parade

Health and Wellness Highlights
The Lake Cottage and Tranquilo Lodge hosted health and wellness activities, including yoga classes, yoga and flexibility workshops, pilates, Afro-traditional stress release and twerking dance classes. Various masseuse’s and beauty therapy. A high tea, where carnival attendees dress up and listen to live music and enjoy the lake view.

Sports and Entertainment Beyond the Carnival
For sports enthusiasts, the Carnival organised a 21km, 10km, and 5km run, providing an opportunity for healthy competition and community engagement. Beyond the carnival weekend, the initiative ‘Paint Cape Maclear Bright & Beautiful’ brought sponsors together to paint houses in the community, brightening up the village and supporting local members.

Empowering the Youth
In a commitment to community development, the Carnival took eight young members of Chembe Village through vocational training. These youths shadowed experienced carnival team members to learn the ropes of organising and running a carnival, offering them valuable skills for the future.

Zeze Kingston on Stage

The Cape Maclear Carnival is not just an event; it’s a movement, a celebration of life, culture, and the shared spirit of a community. As the inaugural Carnival comes to a close, it leaves behind a legacy of joy, growth, and the promise of more exciting chapters in the years to come. Cheers to the Cape Maclear Carnival—a beacon of inspiration and celebration in the heart of Malawi.


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