Mauritius Tourism on the rise, anticipates further boom in 2024


With over one million visitors since January, and more to add to that number at the end of this December festive season, Mauritius tourism is on the rise.

The growing tourist arrivals has also signalled a further boom in the coming years, starting from 2024, which is knocking on the door.

Speaking during an interview with VoyagesAfriq, Chief Executive Officer, Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, Arvind Bundhun said, “Over this calendar year, I think we will be very close to 1. 3 million tourists, which was our objective, and let us keep fingers crossed for next year. When I look at the forecast, I am quite optimistic.”

According to Bundhun, Mauritius is optimistic about maintaining its status as the premier and most preferred destination in the Indian Ocean.

He also announced his optimism about 2024 looking at the laudable feat this year. Explaining the details of the achievements, he said that in 10 months; from January to October 2023, the island has welcomed over 102, 6771 tourists. The exciting development, according to him, lays the foundation for an even brighter future in 2024.

The anticipated boom in 2024, according to Bundhun is possible because Mauritius possesses great potential and capacity, which will continue to position it as a leading force in the tourism sector.

“I think Mauritius has got the potential. First of all, we have got very good connectivity. Secondly, we have got, as you are aware, excellent accommodation, and good hotels. So, these are all the ingredients that will help us to position ourselves as a platform for events in the Indian Ocean,” he assured.

The Managing Director also hinted that strategic plans are underway to sustain and build upon the current success in the coming year. He also reiterated commitment to position Mauritius as a preferred platform for cultural and sports activities.

“Our principal role is to promote Mauritius as a platform for cultural and sports events. Next week, we have the golf events coming up and these events that we organize during the week focusing on culture and language is actually a way to showcase Mauritius as a big platform for events”.

Added to their strategic plans is the incorporation of diversity by fostering inclusion in other regions.

“We are trying to diversify our tourism markets. We are very Eurocentric as a destination. But, we are diversifying to the Middle East and India. I believe Africa has an enormous potential as well and, that is one of the reasons we are really diversifying our portfolio,” Bundhun concluded.

This article was first published in the December 2023 Issue of VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine


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