EasyJet Expands to West Africa with Low-Cost Flights to Cabo Verde


EasyJet will introduce its first low-cost flights from Portugal to Cabo Verde, marking a notable expansion into West Africa starting October 29th.

The inaugural flight will connect Lisbon to the island of Sal, followed by a Porto-Sal route the next day.

This strategic move demonstrates EasyJet’s growth and forward planning by extending new air routes between Europe and Africa.

EasyJet will initially offer 50,000 tickets for the winter season, later adding another 50,000 for the summer.

Lisbon will host four weekly flights to Sal on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while Porto will have two weekly flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

By addressing the growing demand between these destinations, the airline provides affordable options and improves travel access for passengers exploring new regions at a lower cost.

These new routes represent a crucial step for EasyJet, offering travelers efficient connections between Portugal and Cabo Verde.

The region’s rich culture and natural beauty make it an enticing destination. Increased access promises to stimulate tourism and business while positively impacting international travel dynamics.

Cabo Verde itself remains a unique destination. Besides the island of Sal’s beautiful beaches and surfing spots, its strategic position off the West African coast is advantageous.

It allows Sal to draw visitors from across Europe, Africa, and beyond.

EasyJet’s low-cost initiative capitalizes on this allure, opening new opportunities for travelers and bolstering the region’s economy through heightened tourism.

The streamlined air travel experience aims to redefine connectivity across the continent, simplifying European-African travel and providing unparalleled value.

By effectively using these new routes, EasyJet leverages the potential for growth in this dynamic region.

Source: RioTimesOnline.com


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