DR Congo’s Tourism Director discloses bold strategies for promoting country’s rich offerings


From the mist-covered peaks of the Virunga Mountains to the winding waterways of the Congo River and the abundance of rich cultural heritage, the Democratic Republic of Congo offers an unparalleled tapestry of beauty and adventure for intrepid travellers.

But for all of its vastness and splendour, the DRC’s tourism for several years, remained unexploited and underpatronised. Thankfully, in the last past few years there has been efforts by the country’s tourism marketing and promotion agency to put Congo DRC on the map as a competitive and must-visit destination.

In a recent exclusive interview with VoyagesAfriq Media, the Director General of DRC Tourism, Yombo Jolie Mukendi, delved into the country’s burgeoning tourism sector, shedding light on the strategic vision and diverse offerings that define Destination DRC.

Promoting destination DRC: A multifaceted approach

Mukendi outlined a comprehensive strategy aimed at elevating the visibility of the DRC as a prime tourist destination. “Our strategy is simple,” she asserted, “Make the DRC destination visible.” Emphasizing digital communication as a cornerstone, Mukendi highlighted the utilization of various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn to showcase the country’s rich tourist offerings to both global and domestic audiences.

Additionally, she underscored the importance of organizing country-level events and active participation in international tourism fairs to consolidate the promotion of the DRC.

Discussing the array of tourism products offered by the DRC, Mukendi stressed the country’s ecological wealth and cultural diversity. From the renowned Congo basin, home to endemic species like the bonobo and the okapi, to the vibrant tapestry of Congolese culture rooted in its 450 tribes, the DRC presents a treasure trove for eco-tourism and cultural exploration. Mukendi noted the development of other tourism products aimed at positioning the DRC as one of the world’s premier destinations.

“The Congolese tourist product is first and foremost ecological. Don’t forget that the DRC is full of nature’s diversity, from flora to fauna.The national parks, nine of which are recognized as world heritage sites, are just waiting for visitors to discover them. Ecotourism is therefore the first option offered,” she maintained.

Vision for Congolese tourism: A thriving industry

Mukendi enunciated a bold vision for Congolese tourism, envisioning it as a robust industry with significant value chains. She highlighted the immense potential of the DRC’s natural landscapes, ranging from pristine beaches in the west to the majestic Ruwenzori Massif in the east.

Beyond its natural wonders, Mukendi stressed the importance of tapping into historical sites, cultural heritage, and investment opportunities to further propel the tourism sector forward. For her, “Our vision is to make Congolese tourism a real industry with real value chains. Tourism in the DRC has no choice but to grow, the tourism potential of the DRC is enormous.”

FITUR International Tourism Fair: Showcasing the magic of DRC

Reflecting on the recent participation in the FITUR International Tourism Fair, Mukendi described the overwhelming interest garnered by the DRC stand. Visitors, she noted, were captivated by the country’s unparalleled natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Many expressed keen interest in exploring the DR Congo destination and were impressed by the size and layout of the stand, as well as the captivating art objects on display. The gastronomic delights and “made in Congo” products showcased at the stand further enticed visitors, underscoring the transformative experience offered by the digital DRC.

“Some visitors expressed the wish to have a consistent stock of the art objects represented and also to provide them with USB keys with Rumba music as souvenirs,” the Director General added.

This article was first published in the June 2024 Issue of VoyagesAfriq Travel Magazine


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