Kenya: Kata Welcomes South Africa's Relaxed Visa Regulations

Nairobi — The Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) has welcomed relaxed visa regulations implemented by South Africa.

KATA Chief Executive Nicanor Sabula says new regulations are crucial and will help increase the number of Kenyan tourists that visit South Africa.

"We have been promoting destinations such as Dubai and Turkey to our citizens and it is now time we sell our neighbour South Africa in order to create new and exciting opportunities for Kenyans and the rest of East Africa as a whole," he said.

Last Month South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba announced plans to ease some immigration rules, including agreeing visa waiver agreements with more countries, in an effort to boost investment and tourism.

Gigaba said the country is finalizing negotiations to conclude visa waiver agreements with more than a dozen countries across Africa.

"The improved security situation in South Africa gives us confidence to move forward with this partnership," noted Sabula.

Sabula was speaking during a Kenya-South Africa trade workshop in Nairobi in partnership with South African product owners with the theme of Heritage, Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism Development.

Source: By Kennedy Kangethe, Capital FM

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