Access Bank Ghana goes hip-hop at Labadi Beach Hotel

Ghana’s premier hotel the Labadi Beach Hotel was the venue for Access Bank Ghana’s end of year hip-hop themed staff party.

The hotel’s multi field park was the traction for patrons of the hotel who wondered which event was being held there when they walked passed the venue.

The “this is hip-hop” end of year staff party 2018 brought all staff of the bank in Ghana under one place to unwind and celebrate the bank’s success.

Barricaded with graffiti and paintings from the outside of the field, the internal decoration had murals of hip hop’s biggest names and hits during the 90’s such as, Snoop Dog, Jay Z, Sisqo, DMX and a lot more.

staff of Labadi Beach Hotel getting ready for the big night

The gigantic stage along with the DJ’s collection was a place ready for dancing and reliving the 90’s jam. Hit Fm’s Andy Dosty didn’t disappoint as he rolled back the good days with the themed renditions for the night mixed with top local hits tracks.

Speaking to exciting staff members numbering over four hundred, the Managing Director of the bank Mr. Olumide said, he was amazed with the turnout and the bunch of talents on display. He added that, the bank recognized the hard work of each member of staff for the year 2018 and was looking forward to exceeding targets for 2019.

As he alluded himself that, the night was not for speeches, the various groups and individuals of the bank lined up to perform their karaoke songs and the atmosphere charged with fun brought memories of college days.

The Sales Manager of Labadi Beach Hotel, George Ayisi said, the hotel as a leader in the hospitality business in Ghana is poised to offer the best in every part of the service delivery chain and therefore ensured the staff of Access bank got just that. Mr. Ayisi said, the hotel was not all about its luxury room and delicious food but also the ambiance and the homely feeling guests experience each time they come to the hotel.

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