Turkish Airlines prepares to complete move to new Istanbul Airport


Turkish Airlines will complete its move to the new Istanbul Airport in April.

The process of moving to the new location began in October last year, with the final stage expected to take 45 hours and be completed just before midnight on April 6th.

In order facilitate the operation, both the outgoing Atatürk Airport and incoming Istanbul Airport will be closed to all passenger flights between 02:00 and 14:00 that day.

Turkish Airlines chairman, M. İlker Aycı, stated: “The biggest move of the aviation history will take place.

“The combined size of the equipment we are going to transfer would cover 33 football pitches.

“After this great move, which will be watched by the entire world, we will wake up to a new morning.

“It will be a morning in which the sun shines on Turkish aviation with the flights operated at Istanbul Airport.

“I convey my hopes that it will bring a great fortune to both our country and company.”

The last flight carrying passengers from Ataturk Airport will head to Singapore.

After the move, operations will start in Istanbul Airport at 14:00 on April 6th, with the first flight departing for Ankara Esenboğa Airport.

During the move, equipment weighing approximately 47,300 tons will be carried to Istanbul Airport from Atatürk Airport.

From aircraft-towing apparatus, weighing 44 tonnes, to extremely sensitive materials, over 10,000 pieces of equipment are expected to be moved.

Over 1,800 personnel will be working during the operation.

Ahead of the move, Turkish Airlines passenger flights operated via Istanbul Airport are listed with the ‘ISL’ code.

After the move, IATA codes will change, and Atatürk Airport’s ‘IST’ code will be given to Istanbul Airport.

Atatürk Airport, which will then host cargo and VIP passenger flights, will use ‘ISL’ code.



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