Special Podcast on #AviaDev released!

Four days after bringing the curtains down on the 2019 edition of the AViaDev Africa Conference at the Century City Conference Centre in Capetown, a dedicated edition of the AViaDev podcast is out.

The podcast which discussed the conference throughly had a colossus of African aviation and publisher of ATC News Prof Wolfgang Thome, Kojo BentumWilliams the Managing Editor of VoyagesAfriq and the managing director of AViaDev Jon Howell, the host of the show.

Recorded at 35000 ft onboard an Ethiopian Airlines 777-200 from Cape Town to Addis, the discussion Zeroed in on the program, discussion, moderators, and importantly delegates and how they stay glued through our the event.

The recording is out and click the link below to listen.

The AViaDev podcast is your window to the world of African aviation and there are over 60 episodes to be downloaded for free.

You can download by searching AviaDev Insight Africa in the apple and google app stores, iTunes, Spotify and google.

Click to listen

Happy listening

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