#MKTE2019: International travel Media embraces Kenya’s magic


They say travelling is like reading a book. Twenty International travel media has in the past few days been sampling Kenya’s diverse tourism products courtesy of Kenya Tourism Board – Kenya’s Tourism Marketing Agency

Hosted media forms part of KTB plans to increase visibility of the destination and offer a different experience while enjoying Kenya’s tourism product.

From the majestic Maasai Mara to the incredible beaches at the coast.

The hosted media team comprised of travel writers and travel bloggers drawn from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Spain, China, USA, India, Germany, Uganda, Tanzania among others

The teams were split into five itineraries for the journalists to appraise themselves with one of Africa’s leading tourism destination.

The itineraries covered key attractions such as the world renowned Maasai Mara, Lamu, Diani, Amboselli National Park, Kisumu, Naivasha and Mombasa among others.

Lethabo-Thabo Royds, the social media manager of MKTE said’’ This has been an incredible experience! I have loved seeing and experiencing what makes Kenya so magical including the wonderful and warm Kenyan people’’.

Lethabo-Thabo Royds on a game drive at the Maasai Mara

“The Spirit of the Masai Mara, and the Mara was an experience like no other. I was like a kid watching the Lion King for the very first time! This conservancy is beaming with life – lush landscapes with diverse animal population you don’t know where to look next. This magical experience has filled my soul with hope, thanks to the Masai people and their teachings of respect for our environment and living in harmony with all. The Spirit of the Maasai Mara now lives within me” Lance Gibbons, publishing editor – The Event Africa.

Lance Gibbon on a game drive at the Maasai Mara

“Kenya is a must visit country for all. My top there highlights have been the Diani beach, safari and Maasai village experience. It’s all magical” Fisayo, traveller blogger, Nigeria

Team of journalists at the Diani beach

“What a magical Kenya! I had an unforgettable great time in the MKTE fam trip. From safari Masai Mara to the coast Lamu Island Kenya is a destination in Africa that can tailor the finest experience for travellers.”— Luxury Tourism (Macao SAR, China) editor Leo Long

Leo Long

My Magical Kenya experience has so far exceeded what l envisioned. The views at Diani are breathtaking as for the game drive in Mara North am out of words who gets a welcome from her Majesty the Elephant and stays the same. Kenya is truly magical.- Pamela Amia- ChimpReports, Uganda.

Pamela Amia

« When you go to Kenya once, you want to come again. And here I am heading towards new destinations in the country. Maasai Mara kept its promise and delighted us with its big cats. A luxury safari stay at The Spirit of Maasai Mara with a personalized experience with night game drives. We then headed towards the coast, in Lamu. A pretty UNESCO world heritage city that has an intricate connection with India. Indeed Gujarati traders still live in the city since 4/5 generations. Lamu can also be an amazing destination for honeymooners and romance. Completely offbeat. It was really interesting to understand the specificities of each destination for the Indian market and I look forward MKTE 2019, to meet the stakeholders and new players of East Africa », Christine Nayagam, Director of Media India Group, Publisher of India Outbound Magazine.

Christine Nayagam

‘’I am presently on a media fam trip for a beach and bush experience with the Kenya Tourism Board ahead of the 9th edition of their Magical Kenya Show. Superb impressions from some of Kenya’s best locations and resorts and some spectacular game viewing in the Maasai Mara’’- Prof Wolfgang Thome, Publisher of ATC News

Kenya is bringing and marking a difference in the world of continuity and sustainability in tourism. The Bush & Beach experience are showing and new way of enjoying by introducing new indicators to lead visitors either to the maximum of entertainment either optimizing to disconnect and relax into the framework of sustainability.-Franck Kra Editor E-biz Travel Magazine

As reiterated by officials of the Kenya tourism board during the opening dinner with the media, experiences are key to the strategy of the board as it looks to making Kenya an experience based destination.

KTBs Head of PR Ms Wausi Walya outlined the Board’s plans to reach and give trade knowledge about Kenya’s unique selling points to the market.

Our intention is to increase the visibility of the destination through awareness creation. This is why we are engaging the media to tell the story of the destination,”

KTB CEO Dr. Betty Radier says MKTE has become a must-attend fair in the region and has positive impact on tourism business.

“The increasing number of hosted buyers and exhibitors in this year’s show fair is a testimony of the growth of the show which we hope to grow to the next levels in the coming years,” says the CEO

The country is gearing up for this year’s edition of the Magical Kenya Travel Expo From 2-4 October,


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