#POATE2020: A bus tour of Kampala, a city that stays awake at night

If there is one city in Africa that is very much alive and bustles with energy and vivacity much more than any other on the continent, then it is Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

Kampala’s night life has attained legendary status over the years among Nocturnals.

No matter the time in Kampala, the city buzzes with a beehive of human activities

From traffic jams at 11pm to shops and cafes still open at late hours, Kampala is the city that really never sleeps.

So when the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) offered to take Hosted Buyers and Media on a tour at its most pulsating hours. On two open-air double-decker buses, the revellers were treated to the perfect sightseeing expedition that was not just vivacious, but one that was very much necessary to cap off six days of exploring the wonders of the Pearl of Africa.

Hosted Buyers and Media aboard the tour bus had a swell time as they perambulated the city of Kampala

For close to five hours, these night tourists drove through some of the busiest streets in Kampala which is awash with everything that describes the exuberance of a city that simply refuses to be quiet at night.

Cafe Javas is one of many places of entertainment and hospitality strewn across the length and breadth of Kampala that attract large number of patrons at wee hours

In the company of food and drinks and DJs throwing selections that created scenes reminiscent of a mobile disco, the traffic jams seemed more welcome than unwanted. After all, they offered opportunity for those onboard the buses to pause and bask in the fullness of their brisk and beautiful environment that shimmered with night lights and curious people who cheered at the waving guests.

We have a selection of photos from this wonderful night experience in Kampala. Click here to view them.

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