We're developing risk management plans for tourism industry - Malawi's Tourism Minister

The Government of Malawi is currently working on developing risk management plans for the tourism industry, which will ensure proper management of the current Coronavirus situation and future crises.

This is according to the country's newly appointed Tourism, Wildlife and Culture Minister, Dr. Michael Bizwick Usi who in an exclusive interview with Voyagesafriq said, the move forms part of government's interventions towards restarting tourism. He said the Malawi Government after engaging a broad section of industry stakeholders had introduced a number interventions to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

"So in response, government suspended the tourism levy, negotiated for deferment of loan repayments and promotion of pay cuts to sustain jobs, allowing unpaid concessionaire pull-out.

We have also tried to source funds by exploring with our partners and stakeholders. Some have already come forward to assist with Covid-19 relief funds for some of our parks," Dr. Usi said.

Stakeholders has put in proposal for a financial bailout to cover wages and other fixed costs. On this, the Minister said this is understandably critical, and government is looking into the matter and will continue to discuss with the stakeholders on the issue since there is need to identify sources of funds and see what is manageable under the circumstances.

"Besides, ours is a new government and we are currently setting up the financial framework for government’s operations to benefit all sectors including tourism," he stressed.

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