Karibu-Kilifair returns after Two-year Hiatus


One of East Africa’s biggest tourism exhibitions, Karibu-Kilifair is set to take place from 3-5 June 2022 in Arusha, Tanzania after a two-year break due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The event will bring together investors, tour operators, hoteliers, SMEs and several other tourism stakeholders from around the world as part of efforts to adequately support and showcase the tourism industry in East Africa.

As Dominic Shoo, Director of Killifair Promotion Co. Ltd, explains on the VA Tourism podcast, “these are two events which we merge together, Karibu fair and Killi fair, which makes it a big event, and the purpose is to make sure we serve the tourism industry by bringing all the East African tour operators and others from across the world together as an exhibition and invite the world to come and meet them to buy and to sell the services which are found in East African countries”.

“When you come and attend Karibu-Killifair, you are able to taste Tanzania or get to see what Tanzania has got in terms of tourism. You can see all the attractions, manage to book and see all the hotels, meet tour operators on the ground and also sign contracts there and then. It’s one of the platforms to make you are able to meet the right people” he added.

This year’s event is expected to have at least 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries and will give participants the opportunity to visit tourist sites and have an interactive session with top business owners who might provide more knowledge to small business owners for improvement.

“We have from small companies to big companies, but also the main people we have on the ground are also SMEs, because they are actually willing to push their businesses to grow and to get bigger. But not only that, we have seminars which are all talking about how to improve your business in tourism, which the purpose is to make sure the SME is and the small business are getting all the knowledge they need to make sure they manage their business proper. Also, we have government institutions which are there government institutions who are there to make the SMEs are getting the right answers to all their questions” Shaw indicated.

Dominic Shoo

As tourism bounces back from the disruptions of COVID-19, organizers are optimistic about the impact Karibu-Killifair will have for participants, stating “the event is coming up with a new phase after COVID-19 effect, which has actually destroyed a number of business. We believe we have a very good number of new buyers, new exhibitors or new companies which have just started, and have never been to Tanzania, a country where you can do everything in one visit”.

Karibu-Killifair is in collaboration with the Tanzanian Government through the Ministry of culture affairs and tourism and will offer participants familiarization trips to key destinations in the country.

“We have safari, we have mountains, we have beaches, we have culture and so on. This is the place where you gain each and everything you need to get about tourism. And it’s one of the best destinations to learn.

Tanzania was recently voted the best safari country in Africa by both international visitors and by specialized safari operators. Even more recently, it now boasts the top three “Natural Wonders of Africa” for being home to The Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater.

Story by Jason Amoo


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