Tourism Seychelles Shines at FITUR 2024, Inspiring Global Tourism’s Dynamic Growth


Tourism Seychelles took centre stage at the esteemed 44th edition of FITUR 2024, captivating audiences from January 24 to 28 at IFEMA MADRID. This monumental event underscored the dynamic evolution of the global tourism industry.

FITUR 2024 brought together an impressive assembly of 9,000 participating companies from 152 countries, boasting a total of 806 exhibitors. Affirming its status as the premier global trade fair, FITUR set new records for both participants and visitors, expanding its international reach to include 20 more countries compared to the previous year.

FITUR’s unwavering commitment to fostering business relationships remains a cornerstone, dedicating three exclusive days to professionals and extending opportunities for engagement with travellers over the weekend. Sustainability took the forefront, aligning with the industry’s steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility.

With a turnout of 150,000 professional visitors during the weekdays and an additional 100,000 general public attendees over the weekend, Tourism Seychelles attracted a substantial crowd, generating heightened demand for the destination.

The significance of the Spanish market for Seychelles, closely aligned with Tourism Seychelles’ policy of emphasising quality over quantity, was highlighted at FITUR 2024. This strategic approach resonates with the discerning Spanish audience, promoting sustainable and authentic experiences.

Expressing enthusiasm for the event, Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, the Director General of Destination Marketing of Tourism Seychelles, shared, “FITUR serves as a key tool for sharing knowledge and innovation and as a lever for promoting a more sustainable tourism model. Environmental, social, and corporate governance responsibility are intricately woven into the proposals offered by Tourism Seychelles throughout the event.”

Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, the Director General of Destination Marketing of Tourism Seychelle

Tourism Seychelles takes pride in its collaboration with two major Destination Management Companies (DMCs), namely 7° South, represented by its General Manager, Andre Butler Payette, and Mason’s Travel, led by its Product and Sales Manager, Ms. Amy Michel.

“7° South was proud to exhibit alongside Tourism Seychelles at FITUR in Madrid. Our participation has given us a renewed sense of excitement as we reengaged with our existing partners as well as finding new opportunities allowing us to share the Seychelles experience. Spain and the broader Iberian market are ones which hold unprecedented potential for growth,” stated Mr Payette.

Adding on, Ms. Michel shared, “Mason’s Travel was delighted to attend Fitur this year, reconnecting with partners and fostering new relationships amid the rising interest in Seychelles travel. Observing the market’s hunger for Seychelles, they are excited about the anticipated growth fuelled by upcoming product launches in 2024, making Seychelles a standout buzzword at the event.”

The collaborative spirit extended to a prominent Cruise Operator, Variety Cruises, actively contributing to the success of FITUR 2024.

Led by DG of destination marketing Bernadette Willemin, the delegation also included Mrs. Monica Gonzalez, Tourism Seychelles’ Madrid-based Marketing Executive, playing a vital role in shaping the future of the global tourism industry.

As a pivotal event in the international tourism calendar, FITUR 2024 mirrored the recent upswing in the national and global tourism industry and is positioned to play a crucial role in consolidating the sector’s momentum throughout 2024.

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