Little Africa Maio embarks on € 500 million Tourism Project


The Little Africa Maio Project is pumping 500 million euros into investments in various tourism-related projects across Africa starting with Sul da Vila do Maio in Cabo Verde.

In line with this, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Little Africa Maoi in Cabo Verde have signed an agreement in its quest to develop the tourism potential of African destinations.

The agreement which took place during the Brand Africa Conference in Windhoek, Namibia is envisaged to help position Africa in the minds of travellers.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Chairman of Little Africa Maio project, Enrique Banuelos said, Africa, is endowed with diverse tourism offerings, agricultural and natural resources and is now left to communicate well.

He added that “The conditions created under the project will attract investments and support from the United Nations World Tourism Organization and UN-Habitat for the Little Africa Maio Project and for Cape Verde’s tourism and economy. The Project obeys all the principles of environmental sustainability and will represent a new business destination at the global level.”

Chairman of Little Africa Maio project, Enrique Banuelos

The Investments in the ZDTI Sul da Vila do Maio by investors with an estimated value of €500.000.000 (500 million euros) will be carried out in three phases.

Phase 1 comprises three phases involving: A. investing in infrastructure, building 3,000 rooms and building the facilities for Africa World. B includes the construction of 3,000 rooms and C construction of Villas in Maio East and Vilas in Maio West.

Phase 2 is the foreseen timeframe for the realization of the first phase of the proposed investment and the consequent start of exploration is three years from the beginning of construction.

Phase 3 involves investments for carrying out projects in Phases I.b and I.c of the ZDTI Sul do Maio to be designed and executed according to the evolution of markets and circumstances.

Regarding the investments and the importance of which will contribute intensely to the promotion and acceleration of the development of the Cape Verde economy, the government intends to declare the investment project of exceptional interest within the framework of the national development strategy.

This is as a result of its size and nature and the economic and social implications that it represents, namely the volume of investment, the creation of jobs and wealth, as well as the creation of conditions for the sustainable development of national tourism.

In addition, the development of the project will provide Maio Island with top-tier infrastructure, built in accordance with environmental and sustainability parameters defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Maio Island will be the entertainment area that constitutes the anchor of the Project. It will have a large complex with museums and exhibition halls from African countries, theaters, casinos, shops, congress/exhibition and business centers, international business center, state-of-the-art hospitals, international schools, housing for executives, staff and other workers. It will also include a tourist complex called Little Africa Resorts.

The Maio Project will meet all the principles of environmental sustainability and will represent a new business destination at the global level.

Little Africa Maio in Cabo Verde will be a new inclusive cultural, business, residential and work tourism destination.

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