Locked Out At Home : African Visa Woes

I set a new world record recently — an unwanted one, though. I got refused visas for three different African countries in a single day. The morning started with a […]

“A continent divided : Our own worst enemies”

Africa, with its vast natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and untapped potential, has emerged as an attractive destination for global travelers in a post-pandemic world. Yet, despite all these positives, […]

Scoring an Own Goal

Africa has 54 countries of diverse cultures, yet all are united by a passion for football. As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar draws closer, many Africans are planning […]

Growth from the Bottom – Sean Mendis writes

Africa represents 20% of the global land mass and 12% of the global population, but only 3% of global air traffic. While some may assume that this implies African consumers […]